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100 high school kids thrown off plane for not turning off cell phones

AirTran recently booted 100 high school students and their chaperones off a flight for not turning off their cell phones and for disruptive behaviors.

The Associated Press reported that the AirTran crew decided press the eject button after repeated attempts to get the kids to turn off their cell phones and take their proper seating.  When the flight captain’s words were not being heeded, the kids and their chaperones lined up and walked the plank at 6 a.m.

After the flight was delayed for about 45 minutes, the AirTran flight, which seats about 137, took off from LaGuardia Airport with basically an empty plane.  Southwest Airlines, AirTran’s parent company, issued a statement saying that the kids were given the boot because of safety concerns.

Rabbi Seth Linfield, executive director at Yeshiva of Flatbush, the school where the kids attend, said that his administration is looking in the matter, but from his preliminary statement he said that “it does not appear that the action taken by the flight crew was justified.”

Consequently, the kids and their chaperones were placed on different flights and were eventually taken home, but not without transfers that took them much longer than desired.

Some of the students have already taken to social media and blasted AirTran for treating as such, and some even referring to the ejection as a “scandal.”

Source: businessinsider


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