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A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN NDAS

Looking to expand on storage but are unable to install new harddisk drives or setup a NAS? The new A.C.Ryan AluBoxDuo LAN NDAS with its user friendly interface might just be what you are looknig for.

Say NAS and most people would be wondering which government agency just sprout out and yet the operation of a Network Attached Storage device is built on is something that they’d have come across in their everyday lives. Think of all of those classmates of yours who’ve been *cough* sharing files *cough* over the school network or colleagues who upload files to the L drive at work that’s really just a mapped network drive. Most of them have no clue that a NAS would show up similarly and have no clue as to how to setup one.

That is why YOU, are known as the computer guy. Because it takes the computer guy to buy the right item when they say want a portable harddisk and not an external harddisk. So what happens when they tell you that they feel the compelling urge to share those family photos, videos and what-not amongst all the dinosaurs in their house without having to pass the external harddisk around? That’s right! You have to do the job for them. After all, this is all alien to them but you know what to do. So perhaps it is time to make your free time recreational and not be another Santa’s elf this Christmas. That, is precisely what the ACRyan AluBoxDuo LAN we have in the labs today is meant to do but with a twist.

It comes in the typical cyan, white and black ACRyan cardboard box as usual.

What’s the difference between the AluBoxDuo LAN and your run-of-the-mill NAS? For starters, it is based on Ximeta’s patented Network Direct Attached Storage (NDAS) rather than the usual Linux chips using SAMBA protocol. The main difference lies in that the unit does not require an IP address or hostname to operate over the network. What it does, in simple terms, is to look like an internal drive on the system except that it’s connected via the network. This makes it easy for end users with zero networking know-how to get the unit up and running. Just install the software which is just under 2MB and follow the instructions. Mainly, it consists of pressing ‘Next’ till the cows come home. If Aunt Susie can install those spyware-infested programs on her computer, she can certainly run the NDAS Installer program without a hitch! The other differences lie in that the AluBoxDuo is capable of housing 2 SATA harddrives and also doubles up as a USB storage device as well. If you need to recover data without access to a network, simply hook up the USB cable and you’ll have full access to your precious data.

The small yellow box says it all!

What you really get.

Let’s move into the unit.

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